Brick Pavers/Retaining Wall Systems

Our large selection of brick pavers and retaining wall systems assures that you find the perfect look for your home or business.

We are Authorized Distributor of Hardscape Products for:

bauerBauer Products can be used for a wide variety of applications from flower beds, and borders, to large hills and slopes. Keystone is the most trusted and recognized brand name in retaining wall industry. From small planter walls to major commercial projects, Keystone’s products offer the variety, features, and benefits for your specific.

Keystone Garden Wall and Legacy Stone Keystone, Compac III and Verazzo Stone
Country Manor & Stonegate Colonial Wall


Cambridge is a premier manufacturer of products for all of your outdoor living needs. Looking to change your back yard into your dream space, well you can, with Cambridge pavers with Armor Tec. Here you can begin your journey by looking at all the colors, sizes, textures and products we have to offer.

The Sherwood Collection The Roundtable Collection
The Renaissance Collection The Kingscourt Collection
The Excalibur Collections The Crusader Collection


We offer a new perspective; where most people see a yard, we see a magical place filled with the potential of the best memories, moments and inspiration.

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Pavers add visual interest, function and substance to any outdoor landscape. They enhance both intimate and extravagant areas, complement traditional and modern aesthetics.  Walls add structure protection, and decoration to your hardscape.  Eagle Bay has a variety of both pavers and walls to serve small and large budgets.

Turn your outdoor dreams into reality!  There is something for everyone.


With almost 1,000 different combinations of shape, color and texture, Nicolock has the broadest selection of products in the industry to satisfy every hardscape need. By following design trends both her and overseas, Nicolock has been able to maintain their position as a market leader.

Alpine Ridge Pavers Mountain Block Wall
Blue Ridge Pavers Sierra Wall
Checker Block Pavers Trinity Wall
Cobblestone Pavers Serafina Wall
Country Pavers Colonial Toscana Wall