Barn Red

A dark maroon red argillite. Ideal for general landscape applications.

Color: Maroon Red


Carnation Pink

Rose colored crushed quartzite with lavender and grey.

Color: Rose


Jewell White

White with some grey undertones. Crushed calcitic marble. Ideal for general landscape applications.

Color: White


River Rock

Known for its smooth and rounded texture, landscape river rock is available in many sizes, ranging from 3/8″ to 5″.

  • 1-3″ River Rock – As river rocks continue to get larger in size they remain versatile. Stones that are 1-3″ are the perfect fit for creating a water feature that will become the centerpiece of your property. These rocks can be used to construct or enhance waterfalls, river beds and to surround ponds or other aspects of your landscape. This river rock is also the ideal size for mulch replacement.
  • Oversize River Rock – This is the largest type of river rock that is available. The larger stones are excellent for attracting attention to any part of your landscape. Many property owners prefer to use the larger river rock for creating or adding to water features like water falls. 3″ – 5″ river rock can be used as a smaller veneer alternative when compared to the typical 6″-10″ options.


Lava Rock

Red Lava Nuggets

Color: Red


Pearl Pebble

Naturally rounded buff colored quartzite. Ideal for general landscape applications.

Color: Off-White


Crushed Brick

Long-lasting, colorfast crushed brick is perfect for use in low-maintenance landscaping. Use with a heavy-grade landscape fabric to keep brick from sinking into soil and to help prevent weeds.

Color: Red