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The Largest Supplier of Landscape and Limestone Products in North Central Pennsylvania (PA)

Larges Supplier of Landscape and Limestone Products in Northcentral PA

J.M. Delullo Stone Sales is the largest supplier of landscape and limestone products in North Central Pennsylvania. We inventory a large selection of limestone, sand, gravel, sandstone, hard & soft coal, topsoil, mushroom compost, mulches, and landscape stones. From a 5 gallon bucket to 30,000 tons, no quantity is too small or large. Pick it up or have it delivered - quick delivery is our specialty!

Commercial and municipal customers know that they can count on our delivery capabilities of up to 2,500 tons per day.

Our large selection of brick pavers from LockPaver and Nicolock assures that you will find the perfect look for your home or business.

We are an authorized dealer for Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, the industry leader in economical, structurally-sound, and aesthetically appealing wall systems.

Natural and man-made building stone and veneers offer countless variations for fireplaces, interior, and exterior design. Visit our showroom to see how products from Environmental Stoneworks can add a dramatic, yet natural look to your home's appearance.

Make your backyard the talk of friends and family with the sturdy, yet easy-to-install concrete fireplaces and barbeques from Link-Log.

J.M. Delullo Stone Sales offers you fast, friendly service from a knowledgeable staff that is committed to helping you find the right solution for your home or business. Give us a call today at (814) 834-1914. Or contact us with your questions or requirements.

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