J.M. Delullo Stone Sales
1247 Million Dollar Highway Kersey, PA 15846

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J.M. Delullo Stone Sales is the largest supplier of landscape and limestone products in North Central Pennsylvania.

We inventory a large selection of limestone, sand, gravel, sandstone, hard & soft coal, topsoil, mushroom compost, mulches, and landscape stones. From a 5 gallon bucket to 30,000 tons, no quantity is too small or large. Pick it up or have it delivered - quick delivery is our specialty!

Supplier of landscape and limestone in North Central PA

• limestone

• bulk lime

• sand

• gravel

• sandstone

• coal: soft and hard

• bag salt

• barnstone

• bulk salt

• mushroom compost

• screened topsoil


• mulches: 6 different colors

• pre-cast concrete steps


• landscape stone: 13 different sizes and shapes